solution-to-climate-changeThe ongoing debate about climate change-global warming continues and it is hard to see an end to it.  It does feel to me that the need to be right or win an argument has become more of a priority than changing our behaviour. 

Humans in their arrogance have forgotten how to live in balance and harmony with nature and have self-proclaimed themselves as masters of it all but what remains undoubtedly a fact is that our planet thinks we are a virus and very easily can get rid of us if it is deemed necessary and to become once more, a beautiful fertile paradise. 

In all this chaos there still hope and people around the world continue to work to find solutions to our imminent catastrophe. I could spend a lifetime talking about such wonderful people but today I will just mention one of the solutions that is worth knowing about which is carbon offsetting.

Maira coffee
Don Maslow Coffee is grown using an environmentally friendly method called ‘Integrated Open Canopy’ (IOC), which is a technology developed by the Mesoamerican Development Institute, an NGO based from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Boston USA.

The IOC method is a way of growing coffee that instead of clearing woodland to make way for the farm, includes the forest habitat as part of the coffee farm. IOC coffee production has been proven to increase coffee yields while supporting the forest habitat and its biodiversity...

honduran coffee market

As a coffee lover, you have probably heard about Fairtrade and Direct trade coffee, and there is a lot of debate surrounding which is better. In order to dispel some of the myths, we wanted to explain the difference between the two, and the pros and cons of each. 

In a world of free market economics, the price of a commodity such as coffee is determined by its supply levels versus the level of demand for it. If the supply level is higher than the demand for it, the price generally reduces, however, when the supply falls, and demand exceeds the supply, the price will go up as buyers are prepared to pay more for it.

Sustainable Packaging for the win!

sustainablehonduranpackagingElevate Packaging and PURE Labels provide Don Maslow Coffee with 100% compostable packaging and labels. 

Specialty coffee companies such as Don Maslow Coffee require high-performing and protective packaging. Coffee beans are very sensitive to external influences and packaging must block out moisture, UV rays and oxygen in order to keep the coffee fresh and tasting its best. Coffee packaging also needs to be airtight, which requires a degassing valve to let out excess carbon dioxide, which is emitted after the beans have been roasted.

When we were in the process of sourcing the packaging, we knew that there could be no compromise when it came to the quality and protective nature of our packaging. However, one of our core goals was to be as sustainable as possible, so we began our search for 100% compostable packaging.

Honduran rainforest birds

sustainablehondurancoffeeThe Quetzal is a bird, which can be found in the mountains or "cloud" rainforest of Mesoamerica. 

If you have seen one flying in the wild, then you have been blessed. It would be as if the Mayan Gods have vested upon you a once in a lifetime spectacle.