Our Story

Allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are Vanessa and Rushu, co-founders of Don Maslow Coffee with the mission to bring you high-quality Honduran coffee that saves the rainforest.

The idea to start our business came to us in a flash. We wanted to own a business that let us have it all. To give us a platform to solve a global problem, to give us a way to help communities in one of our home countries, and to allow us to invent our own job which gave us the opportunity to learn new skills, take risks, have autonomy and a sense of purpose.

We have designed a business model that holds sustainability and being earth and people friendly at its heart. We encourage to read about our products and learn about our business and beliefs through our blog posts.

Please see our Team Bios below to learn more about us, and we hope to grab a coffee with you!

Vanessa and Rushu

Team Members


Vanessa, from Honduras is our in-house coffee sustainability expert, currently pursuing a post-graduate certificate in Sustainable Business at the University of Cambridge. Vanessa is currently researching on how to implement the 'living wage' concept for coffee farmers and leads on developing Don Maslow Coffee's strategy, with sustainability at its core. Prior to Don Maslow Coffee, Vanessa has a background in strategic partnerships having worked in the Middle East, China and Latin American markets and for brands such as Expedia and Marriott.

Vanessa Hernandez

Head of Partnerships

Rushu, from the UK is our operations and product development specialist and is currently studying sustainability and climate change risk through the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Rushu leads on Don Maslow Coffee’s operations, supply chain and product development to transform our sustainability strategy into action. Prior to Don Maslow Coffee, Rushu has a background in risk management, compliance, project management, finance and operations, having trained at EY and worked for several multinational companies.

Rushu Das

Head of Operations