Time for a new renaissance...

sustainable+coffeeThose who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it - George Santayana.

How many times have you heard that phrase? I bet, many. 
Mostly by people with a "know-it-all" complex, who with a grin on their faces go around repeating " I told you so" to anybody they can find. I only wish they would walk the talk. 
In the age of information, I find it ironic that we still make pretty basic mistakes. It is not surprising though as in school we were forced to learn pointless dates for events that were overall inconsequential to our childhood when naturally we were more interested in having a good time with our friends.

sustainablehondurancoffeeAt Don Maslow, we promote the concept of Self Actualization an idea developed in modern days by Abraham Maslow but it is a way of life that has been part of ancient cultures for millennia. 

Self Actualization is simply about fulfiling your full potential as a human.

The concept may seem to be an abstract idea, however, Self Actualization is just a commitment to making ourselves better every day, rather than a place we will eventually arrive at. It is a journey that we will enjoy with all that it brings, bad hair days, euphoria and everything in the middle.