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Self-care if you want to rule the world!!!

  • Vanessa Hernandez

At Don Maslow, we promote the concept of Self Actualization an idea developed in modern days by Abraham Maslow, but it is a way of life that has been part of ancient cultures for millennia.

Self Actualization is simply about fulfilling your full potential as a human.

The concept may seem to be an abstract idea, however, Self Actualization is just a commitment to making ourselves better every day, rather than a place we will eventually arrive at. It is a journey that we will enjoy with all that it brings, bad hair days, euphoria and everything in the middle. 

With millennials officially named the most stressed-out generation by Business Insider, you may wonder why we want to talk about Self Actualization. Don't we have enough to do and keep up already?!!!

Well, the pressures of our increasingly competitive society are many, and we all need a plan. Here is mine on Trello: (

I do not follow it religiously, but I try my best. Remember, this is my plan, and it works for me but please feel free to copy it and customise it to your own needs.

(Why do I have a summary of the 48 rules of power? I am secretly trying to take over the world (evil laugh). Not really!!! If you are like me, organisational politics do not come naturally, and I am not suggesting you should use them on other people but that you should know them and be aware if they are being used on you).

To reach your full potential, the number one and most important step is to be organised. Knowing you have done your best will bring self-acceptance and peace of mind. It's that simple.

The main objective here is to quickly complete the things you must to create free time to do the things you would love to do.

Here are three essential tips to consider on your path to Self-Actualisation:

    1. Avoid measuring yourself with others;
    2. Accept your strengths and weaknesses; 
    3. Keep going. 

To reach this, you will need only to accept who you are and then take those steps necessary to become the best version of you that you can be. Because above all, what is important is to live life with honesty and to be authentic.

We believe in the concept of Self Actualization, and that you should not be postponing happiness. Get organised and live the moment!!! 

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