Great coffee. With love from Honduras.

Don Maslow Coffee is different because we were born out of the passion for marrying three key goals.

    1. Sharing great coffee with the world.
    2. Preserving the rainforest.
    3. Fueling entrepreneurs.

Our coffee is grown in Yoro, the mountainous region of Honduras famous for its Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffee region. Don Maslow Coffee is supplied by Mayra Manzanares, a leader of a small but passionately progressive group of coffee producers on a mission to share their coffee with the world.  Our coffee is roasted in one of Honduras' finest roasters and provides the perfect balance between body, acidity, and toasted caramel, accompanied by the perfect finish.

Preservation of the rainforest.

Our coffee is grown in the Honduran highlands through a program that protects thousands of hectares of tropical forest.

Our supplier is supported by the Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI, an NGO located at the University of Massachusetts Lowell), who have introduced sustainable technologies for rural industry, including the high-efficiency drying chamber used in solar drying systems, hermetic storage systems for coffee, and Integrated Open Canopy™ production (IOC).  This means that our coffee is grown and dried to prevent deforestation and promote biodiversity.

All purchases of Don Maslow Coffee directly lend support in proving the IOC coffee business model, which will propagate  this environment saving technology across the world. Please click on Our Innovation and Sustainability links to find out more.

Fuel for entrepreneurs. Fueling self-actualization.

Don Maslow is a start-up, supplied by start-ups, selling to start-ups.

At Don Maslow Coffee, we are developing partnerships with like-minded start-ups who want their work to directly improve the planet, its people, and the environment. Our progressive supplier Mayra is making social waves in Honduras by putting women in important leadership positions, working hard to develop new partnerships that put community and the environment first. Our target market is coffee lovers in the start-up community who believe in what we believe - drinking great coffee and saving the rainforest. We are working hard to develop partnerships in the start-up community, and we aim to grow our business as you grow yours.

The name Don Maslow is our tribute to Mr Abraham Maslow, the psychologist famous for developing "Maslow's hierarchy of needs", a theory behind achieving human potential and, most importantly, fulfilment. Maslow believed in self-actualization, the idea that humans need to have a purpose of feeling fulfiled and to do this by solving a problem that was bigger than themselves. Don Maslow Coffee was created to help save the rainforest whilst sharing great coffee. We hope that you will partner with us and share in our dreams as well.

Don Maslow Coffee.

Saving the rainforest. One cup at a time.