Coffee for All – A Netflix documentary

Coffee for All – A Netflix documentary

  • Vanessa Hernandez
Ahhh…. Italian coffee… bellissimo!

Coffee for All is a tasteful documentary produced by Netflix billed as being stories of people, worlds apart, who are woven together by a simple gesture: free coffee from a stranger.

From Napoli, the caffè sospeso, or pending coffee is a coffee that customers pay for in advance as an anonymous act of charity for those in need. The tradition began in the working-class cafés of Napoli where someone who had experienced good luck would order a sospeso, paying the price of two coffees but receiving and consuming only one. The beautiful tradition promotes kindness and sharing in the community and gained international fame in the 2000s through journalistic efforts through Italy and across the world.

This documentary is a must watch for those who understand dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing, as it explores the lives of those who love and live coffee. A self-actualized coffee barista. The entrepreneur selling vintage Italian coffee pots designed by her father.

One of the stories journeys into the ancestral home of a second generation Italian American, Elizabeth, and explores her bond with her late father as she attempts and succeeds to solidify his legacy in coffee. Her family product is The Unimatic which is a vintage drip-percolator, hand made in northern Italy in 1962. Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways.

We at Don Maslow Coffee salute all those who live to perfect the first sip of coffee in the morning.

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