The Hummingbird

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Drinking Don Maslow Coffee saves the rainforest. See how much you could save:

Coffee weight (lbs):

1 lbs Saves 114 cm² of rainforest

Our Coffee

Don Maslow Coffee is grown using an environmentally friendly method called ‘Integrated Open Canopy’ (IOC), which is a technology developed by the Mesoamerican Development Institute, an NGO based in Boston, USA.

The MDI calculates that for a typical cup of coffee, 3cm2 of forest is lost to provide the firewood to dry the coffee beans and make way for farms. The IOC method is a way of growing coffee that instead of clearing the woodland, the forest habitat is included as part of the coffee farm. IOC coffee production has been proven to increase coffee yields while supporting the forest habitat and its biodiversity.

Simply put, drinking Don Maslow Coffee is a way to save the rainforest.


Our single origin, ethically sourced Hummingbird coffee is carefully roasted with a bright, light roast. These beans are a light chocolate brown in colour and have a lively balance between acidity and toasted caramel, accompanied by a floral and smooth finish.

We only offer the Hummingbird in whole bean form as specialty coffee should be enjoyed freshly ground. Take time to enjoy the rich aroma of the Hummingbird before sipping, for maximum enjoyment.


This coffee is cupped by the Honduran Coffee Institute, following the SCAA protocols to assess the quality of the coffee. The Hummingbird is graded as SCAA-82, which is a specialty grade coffee.

This means that this coffee is assessed as specialty grade when assessed against key flavour attributes for coffee: Fragrance/Aroma, Flavor, Aftertaste, Acidity, Body, Balance, Uniformity, Clean Cup, Sweetness and Defects.

Furthermore, Don Maslow Coffee is Direct Trade. This means that we source our coffee directly from the coffee farmer, cutting out both the traditional middleman buyers and sellers. This allows us to develop mutually beneficial long term relationships with our farmers which helps to improve coffee quality and gives the local community more empowerment to decide how these funds are spent to improve their lives.


Elevate Packaging is our packaging and label provider. 

Every individual component, including the films, valves, and zipper of the bag has been tested and also certified according to ASTM D6400, ASTM D6868 and EN13432 according to Vincotte OK Compost. The bags have been engineered and tested with leading roasters cupping tests to prove that they perform on par to conventional high-barrier metalized film pouches. 

Please note, for the purposes of meeting the Green Guide law of California (Use of Environmental Marketing Claims) that the ASTM D6400 standard states that the packaging is not suitable for home composting. The packaging is certified to use the 'OK Compost Home' mark for home compostable products. 

All our packaging contains an 'OK Compost Home' certified one-way degassing valve, critical for the preservation of freshly roasted coffee. When coffee is roasted, it emits carbon dioxide which negatively affects flavour. The degassing valve allows the carbon dioxide to escape after packing, which develops a more even taste. 

Don Maslow is always on the lookout for new technologies that are further improvements on the already high environmental standards of our packaging whilst maintaining coffee freshness. Please contact us for more information.