Elevate Packaging and PURE Labels provide Don Maslow Coffee with 100% compostable packaging and labels.

Specialty coffee companies such as Don Maslow Coffee require high-performing and protective packaging. Coffee beans are very sensitive to external influences and packaging must block out moisture, UV rays and oxygen in order to keep the coffee fresh and tasting its best. Coffee packaging also needs to be airtight, which requires a degassing valve to let out excess carbon dioxide, which is emitted after the beans have been roasted.

When we were in the process of sourcing the packaging, we knew that there could be no compromise when it came to the quality and protective nature of our packaging. However, one of our core goals was to be as sustainable as possible, so we began our search for 100% compostable packaging.

As we searched, we found that most providers offered only a compromise between high-quality protectiveness and sustainability. Most packaging in the market was only 40% or 60% compostable. Of course, whilst this is a step in the right direction, to be truly compostable, every element of the packaging from films, valves and zippers must be compostable. If this isn’t the case, then what happens is that consumers will either have to separate the non-compostable elements of the packaging and dispose of them separately or much more likely, the consumer will place the whole packaging in the trash.

Luckily for us, we discovered Elevate Packaging, which has been working hard to develop a coffee bag made with certified compostable films which have a high barrier layer for oxygen and moisture, yet are strong and durable. This packaging ensures every component, including the zipper and valve, are tested and certified compostable according to ASTM D6868 and EN13432 standards.

Discovering Elevate Packaging was a real gift for us, as we could now be confident that our coffee packaging would 100% meet one of the core goals for Don Maslow Coffee – to be as sustainable as is possible.