Don Maslow Coffee is a young business. We invest in new technology, care about progressive issues and at the same time we are focused on finding an outlet for our creativity.

As such, we thought that it made a lot of sense to look not only for customers but long-term partners with whom we could grow our business. Young businesses all have one major thing in common - insanely driven people.

Whilst developing the business model with our suppliers and roaster, we realised that the best way we can feed our creativity is by actively seeking out other young companies who also trying to disrupt their industry or looking for new and better ways of doing things. 

By doing this, we continue to meet and speak with company founders across many industries, including industries that literally still being born. Whilst we recognize that young businesses will not always remain young, and to be successful they need to mature, we have found that in focusing our partnership and sales activities on the start-up sector that this keeps our thinking fresh. Occasionally, we have come across some entrepreneurs who are working on projects that have blown our minds!

Whilst our little coffee business might not be the next Amazon, we do truly believe that our coffee is best we've ever tasted, and we hope, with our coffee, to in some ways supercharge the brains of next world-changing set of business minds of the future.

If you are a part of a young business and are interested in trying our coffee, or develop a partnership please do get in touch with me on

Looking forward to hearing from you!