Rose Gold French Press, 32 ounces

Drinking Don Maslow Coffee saves the rainforest. See how much you could save:

Coffee weight (lbs):

1 lbs Saves 114 cm² of rainforest

French Press

Our rose gold, 32 ounces french press coffee maker allows you to manually brew and steep up to 4 cups of your favourite Don Maslow Coffee, according to your desired strength. 

The rose gold finish and glass will give your home or office an additional decorative feature to be enjoyed by all.


Material: Stainless steel, glass.
Size: 18 cm x 10 cm.
Capacity: Approximately 4 cups.
Colour: Rose gold, clear.


  1. Place up to 4 heaped serving spoons of coffee into the french press.
  2. Carefully pour freshly boiled water into the fresh press, leaving an inch from the top rim.
  3. Allow the coffee to brew for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  4. Depress plunger to the bottom and serve when ready.


Packaging contains one french press and one serving spoon.